Softbenz tracker has an API which allows you to integrate location data from your vehicles into your website(s) and/or data collection infrastructures. There are two API functions at this time. To return the lastlocation of the vehicles associated with your account. Return all locations for a specific vehicle betweentwo dates (maximum 500). The API is based upon an HTTP POST request followed by an XML response.

Softbenz tracker fleet and fuel management solutions are completely integrated with Find'n'Securecomprehensive Web-based application to display and manage data compiled from Find'n'Secure fleet andfuel management products. The only requirement for using Find'n'Secure is a computer that supportsMicrosoft Internet Explorer 7, or later, or any equivalent browser.

30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the vehicle. Our trained personnel will install the vehicle device. Once the vehicle has been installed, it takes another 10 to 15 minutes to configure the system for live use.

Softbenz tracker accepts all major credit cards. You can also set up automatic payments directly from your bank account or send us a monthly cheque by mail.

Almost, in some cases. There is a cost for every GPS coordinate transmitted for live tracking systems. The higher the track resolution,the more expensive the monthly subscription service. There are systems that will actually log a GPS point every 10 seconds but have a very highly monthly service fees. Other systems like the GO system in ProPlus mode update every 20 to 60 seconds. Most fleet management systems report a position about every 60 seconds. Some systems log GPS data based on driving behavior, not a set time interval. This tends to provide a higher resolution of the actual vehicle path traveled but at the standard market rate. This service is very affordable when this level of resolution is needed. Contact your sales consultant to learn about volume pricing.

We offer several types of GPS trackers, each one with its own features. Depending on the specific usage and objectives you are planning, some devices will perform better than others. We have a highly qualified GPS Tracking team who will be more than happy to help you in selecting the most appropriate GPS tracking device. Please Contact us to help you!

Our GPS Tracking devices contain two modules: – GPS Module: This module will allow the locator device to get its location from the GPS satellites. – Cellular/GSM/GPRS module: This module collects and sends out GSM/GPRS data. It transmits the information received from the GPS module to the cellular networks and from there to our servers. Once the raw data is received in our servers, a special software process it and presents it to you on our GPS Tracking dashboard in friendly manner.

After GPS tracking device is installed in your vehicles, send email to our activation team with your company name and device serial number. You will then be provided with an online account login name and password. You will also be given the website address of your GPS tracking website. Any computer with a working standard Internet browser is required to login and locate your vehicle.

Please do not hesitate to send email to our support team who will be glad to answer any of your questions